Player Management

Technik Football focuses on quality management to ensure efficient and effective results.

We will manage the players we choose that can make an impact, players that we believe have the qualities to succeed.

We will do everything possible to place players in clubs locally and overseas, and to place them in a club which suits their style and position of play.

We cater for both players seeking a career overseas and players wanting to play in Australia.

We work with a number of player agents in Europe, South America, and around the world and as former footballer we guide them on a players qualities and what club is suited for that player.

We have the personnel and resources to manage a player’s career form beginning to end and beyond. We work closely with players to ensure they have the best chance of attaining their goals in football, marketing and financial security.

Our talent identification is extensive with the goal of representing the best players.

Over the years we have worked with individuals, professionals, organizations to build trusty relationships and provide a central source of service.

We offer a comprehensive set of services through our partners that provide guidance and consultation in the following specialised areas.

  • Fifa player agent services
  • Contract negotiations
  • Sponsorship / endorsements
  • Promotion /public relations
  • Taxation strategies local and overseas
  • Image development
  • Financial planning / investment
  • Post career development
  • Commercial television, film, catalogue work

If you are interested please call Peter Katholos for an appointment     mob: 0412 281 010 or email

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