Player Highlight Packages


Players these days want to pursue a career overseas or trial at overseas clubs! No matter what anyone says about the player at the end of the day clubs need to see the player in a game situation and footage in a highlight package dvd.  You need to put yourself on the showroom window andf the only way is to market the player with a dvd highlights package

Technik Football can organise a professional football highlight package for any player whatever age/division you are playing at.  

The package includes video footage of two competitive games you choose, we professionally edit and produce a highlight package up to 8 minutes for technical purposes in the DVD format ready to be watched by football people .we repeat football people.

If you have footage that is suitable and you want to edit and produce a DVD highlight package we can also help you at a reduced cost.

If you are serious about your football and want to showcase your football ability to local and overseas clubs, scouts etc.,In a professional manner then you need to contact us.

Call on 02 9789 6433 or email peter@technikfootball with your request

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