Football matters

For years now we have advised and informed parents of young players including Panos Armenakas, ,Terry Ardonis and many others on their future moves either locally or overseas . Having good knowledge and know how of the current regulations of FIFA and the regulations of FFA we are able to give an opinion to help solve issues that seem complicated.

Football products

Peter Katholos the founder of Technik Football is also the owner of “CAPPE" “brand and having Being involved in the sporting industry and specialising in football products for 20 years the company can advise on the latest football trends for products for companies that want to be involved in the football industry.


We are also working with government institutions on different football related matters including the installation of synthetic surface on council grounds.

Synthetic surfaces

With the game of football growing with the success of the Socceroos and the projection of every football league on our screens we are looking at the trends of football in Europe.

Synthetic surfaces have become a most popular option in countries were there is no natural grass or a even playing surface to accommodate the numbers participation in football.

In Australia it is no different

We can advise and quote to install a synthetic surface suited to your needs.

Enquiries are welcome.