Coaching (Player Development)

Our mission at Technik Football is to produce technically gifted players that are educated, creative and skillful in line with the FFA vision.

                         "The art of football is skill & technique"

Extract from the FFA curriculum by national technical director - Han Berger

"Australia's top players are seen as very competitive and physically effective footballers but are not praised for their technical excellence. The world's best players start developing technical skills at a young age. Strong technical skills are needed before developing strong game skills. Australia cannot produce a significant number of world-class footballers until it is world class in developing technical skills, our players lack the technical skills to be successful in international football."

In France the FFF employs mostly former professional players of the highest caliber for their Elite development programs. Many are former internationals or players who have played in the French first division. When asked why this is so? Aime Jacquet the French technical director explained that by doing so they have coaches who know what it takes to play at the highest level and appreciate skill and technique and also most of these players are already educated in coaching through experience as players. This mindset is equal in all top football nations around the world.

How many former Socceroos or NSL players that possessed skill and technique are currently coaching juniors at elite level? how many can execute and demonstrate that techique and breakdown the body sequence ?

peter katholos with the under 9 squad

Having played at the highest level in Australia and overseas as a  midfield playmaker the classic no 10 ,Peter Katholos founder of Technik Football knows what it takes to reach the top .The philosophy is to provide programs that enhance the individual skill level and creativity of all players whilst learning to play the game with a higher level of tactical understanding. Being  one of Australia's best technical players produced is surely an asset for any young player to learn from.

There are three factors that will determine how far a young player can go in their development and this is a self anaysis as a guide to expectation.

Talent: These are the natural given qualities. Great athletes share similar qualities and if you don't have natural ability there is not much a coach can do. Competitiveness, personality, co-ordination, motor skills, intelligence or instinct is among the factors that must be already present.

Motivation: Without a strong internal drive to master the needs of the game an athlete is working on talent alone. While the coach can provide some external motivation it will be of limited use and of short duration. Every player has to decide for themselves how hard they are willing to work and they must have internal drive.

Environment: This is the area that the coach has the greatest impact on. A talented young player with a strong internal drive placed in the correct environment has the greatest chance to succeed to the best of their abilities with the correct guidance and coaching. THEY ARE THE PLAYERS WE WANT !

Next time you watch your youngster play ask yourself, is he/she thinking during the game are they making good decisions, is their first touch good  to control the ball. Are they creating space to receive the ball? is he marking his opponent correctly? How many good accurate passes during a game? How many shots at goal? How many through balls? How many wall passes, or dribbles past their opponent  to create a two on one situation ?

Coaching program

We work on the following technical areas and demonstrate and execute the techiques.

  • Dribbling, turning, beating opponent, with the different variables applied being pressure, space, speed of execution and timing being included.
  • Running with ball striking the ball with either foot and run and change direction. Controling the ball in all situations.
  • Passing and crossing with accuracy with all parts of both feet.
  • Shooting and finishing
  • Control, shielding, first touches
  • Heading

We not only concentrate on the skills and techniques of football. Our goal is to help a footballer "how to think "when with the ball or without the ball! Options available, what is the most "correct" option according to that situation!

Also we look at the player's physical make up of endurance, explosive speed, strength recovery flexibility, better the athlete better the player.

We also look at decision making, game awareness, creativity, reaction to adversity, competitiveness and the overall character.

We nurture a positive learning environment that understands your child's psychology we guarantee we will develop your child's confidence and self esteem.

Technik Football mission is to develop individuals to become 'complete players'. Complete player' means an educated player that posses speed, strength, flair, creativity, imagination and finesse.

The players we want must posses the following attributes:

Natural talent, commitment, attitude, passion, responsibility, respect, enthusiasm and love for the game and vision to succeed!

Player Development Program Details

Cost $35 per session 20 week program one session per week includes technik football uniform kit (shirt,short,socks)

Venue: Beaman Bark, Earlwood NSW (more venues to come)

Ages 8-15  boys & girls

After initial assessment we will review and report on the progress on each player after a 20 week program. All equipment is supplied.

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