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Technik Football

Our philosophy is based that the interests of the modern football players are best served by those who have played, and succeeded at the highest level in the sport.

Technik football is based in Sydney, Australia, we ensure quality service and professionalism at all times. We are a blend of successful business and sporting talent and we operate a culture of enthusiasm, honesty and integrity.

Technik Football is pioneered by Peter Katholos, one of the best technical players produced in Australia, a former Australian international and Australian player of the year.

His life has revolved around football, he has extensive playing and coaching experience and knows the business of sport running a sporting company and other businesses since 1983.

To become successful, players need the correct guidance and consultation in making the correct decisions in their football life.

Technik Football offers a total football package which includes coaching, player analysis , consultancy, player management, football tours.

Significantly, we work with the best partners and consultants to provide these services.

We operate to provide opportunities for young athletes to encounter the world of football.

Technik Football has a good relationships with many clubs local and overseas.

Our mission is to help players make their mark in local and overseas clubs but also more important to be a good citizen and an educated player.

Welcome to technik football!!

"Reach your goal"